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A biography about Canada's great unknown environmental and social activist, Rudy Haase. Now 85 years old, Rudy was born in the USA and lives in Nova Scotia with his wife Mickey.

His life's work has involved preserving wilderness in Canada, the USA, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. In Nova Scotia Rudy Haase has been active for more than four decades on many envi ronmental issues from fighting against the clear cutting and pesticide spraying of forests to opposing uranium mining.

The film is also a primer on environmentalism, from Richard St. Barbe Baker to Helen and Scott Nearing, all illustrated by many well-known Nova Scotia environmental battles.

"This documentary captures Rudy's youthful love of life and nature. It will motivate many people for years to come, to be more active, socially aware, and inspired to protect nature. I consider myself as someone who stands up for a better way, in harmony with nature - but I've walked away humbled and encouraged to write more, do more, and enjoy more of our earth. Not many films can do that. Thanks for your successful film, and thanks for having the talent and "good sense" to create it the way you did. "I laughed, I was amazed, and I left inspired." - Doug Neil, Communications Consultant

"Thank you for sending the DVD of your film about Rudy Haase. What a wonderful man he is! You have captured his vitality and energy which certainly is inspiring. He would seem to be the ideal model for us all. It was a joy to see St Barbe as part of your documentary and I'm glad he is now part of Rudy's story." - Leon Narbey (New Zealand feature film director; cinematographer on Whale Rider; filmmaker, Man Of The Trees, a portion of which of which is included in Rudy Haase.)

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