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Award Winning Film

Award Winning Film

Award Winning Film

Award Winning Film

 Livingston has produced documentary films for television broadcast on a wide variety of topics, from the political to the humorous

In the early part of my career as a filmmaker from 1978 to 1994 a number of my films were shown at the Museum of Modern Art New York. In 2001 I had a retrospective at the Cinematheque Québecois - rare for a Nova Scotia filmmaker, and I was the first moving image artist to be invited to show his work at the Summer Art Festival in Baie St. Paul- I think in 2000. From about 1990 to 2010 a number of my films showed on national television in Canada, and around the world in English language countries, as well as film festivals domestically and internationally in which some of those films were also award-winning. Two of my films were shown in the 2010 Vancouver Cultural Olympiad as part of the Olympic celebrations.

Videographe in Montréal is the distributor of much of my work alongside my own efforts to distribute my work. To see my work simply access my films here.

My website also has examples of an interesting visual art project called Junky Old Stuff, which is designed to be gallery hung, which was an early online humorous critique of eBay, which got national media attention from CBC and the Globe and Mail, in 2003. Also, the website has photo works and TREE ART pieces.

One of the main things I've strove to do in my film work, is to not use conventional structure, and the 2016 feature documentary 100 Short Stories, is a good example of this.


I would roughly divide my film work into two categories. The first being films which employ humour and are rather eccentric, and several earlier films from the 1970s and early 80s which one can see this form developed from. For example:


The second being, political documentaries on environmental issues, related to citizens fighting the government on issues in Cape Breton, and Nova Scotia, biography, and social portraits of communities.

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